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Program Coordinator - Writer - Digital Editor


Matt Keyser is a passionate and highly dedicated content programmer, writer, editor, and assistant who currently resides in Los Angeles. 

Having a knack for discovering hidden gems and a love for storytelling, Matt has spent years curating unforgettable film experiences for audiences through his work at the Newport Beach Film Festival (NBFF).


As a senior coordinator for NBFF's Features-Narrative and Documentary program, Matt has not only been able to diversify his portfolio in content programming but also showcase his adaptability and wide range of skills in production, talent relations, event coordination, and administrative assistance. 

With his finger on the pulse of the latest industry news and trends, Matt currently uses his talents as a writer and editor to produce dozens of compelling articles for Dead Talk News. His unique voice and insightful analysis have captivated readers, providing DTN with engaging stories that have helped increased viewership. 

Matt is also well-versed in video editing and post-production. He has created content for numerous social media campaigns, along with his own TikTok channel FanonFilm. 

Recently, has looked to further a career in creative development and is open to exploring new opportunities within the industry. 

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As senior programming coordinator for the Newport Beach Film Festival, Matt's passion for films enabled him to develop strong relationships with filmmakers, distributors, and industry professionals, facilitating the acquisition of diverse and compelling content for NBFF's Features Program. In addition, he has also taken on numerous projects and roles that not only helped diversify his portfolio but elevated the festival to where it is today.  

With an insatiable curiosity and a dedication to staying ahead of industry trends, Matt delves deep into the stories that captivate audiences and help shape the cultural conversation. Whether it's exploring art and social commentary in film or dissecting the latest industry trends, Matt strives to provide readers with thought-provoking insights and a fresh perspective on all things entertainment.

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