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The Power of Ideas

One of the most rewarding experiences during my tenure at NBFF was getting to dip my hands into production. 

The Power of Ideas was the official tagline for the 2019 season, and the festival's trailer was inspired by this theme. In partnership with Garage Team Mazda, whom we worked closely with to oversee concept and production, we were able to shoot this outstanding short in one week. 

Witnessing the fusion of ideas and talents come together to bring the tagline to life was truly gratifying. From brainstorming sessions to the final edit, being a part of every step of the process reinforced my passion for storytelling through film.

Watch the trailer here:

Getting a First-hand Look Behind the Scenes

The first three days of filming took place at Cadillac Jack's Cafe in Sun Valley, CA. I got to sit in with director Johan Stahl and assistant director Chuck Henrey and watch their process throughout the days. I even took it upon myself to get to know the rest of the crew on set and learn about their roles while watching them work. 


Working with Shelly Johnson

One of the biggest achievements during this production was getting acclaimed cinematographer Shelly Johnson (Training Day, Greyhound) to come on board and film the trailer. Watching him behind the camera was a masterclass in visual storytelling. His keen eye for composition and lighting elevated every shot, infusing the trailer with a cinematic quality that perfectly captured the essence of The Power of Ideas.


Becoming a Production Assistant

After three days on set in Los Angeles, I was able to go back on location to Newport Beach, this time working as a production assistant. My responsibilities were diverse and fast-paced, ranging from managing equipment to assisting the cast and crew on set. I also got to shadow the script supervisor and watched as they ensured continuity and accuracy throughout each take. 

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